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Ozone Fluoro Hollow elastic


Ozone Fluoro Hollow UK 5-8 Light Blue  Ø1.80 3m Product No. AVEH 18 £8.99
Ozone Fluoro Hollow UK 8-10 White  Ø2.00 3m Product No. AVEH 20 £8.99
Ozone Fluoro Hollow UK 10-14 Pink  Ø2.25 3m Product No. AVEH 22 £8.99
Ozone Fluoro Hollow UK 14-16 Yellow  Ø2.50 3m Product No. AVEH 25 £8.99
Ozone Fluoro Hollow UK 16-18 Lime  Green Ø2.75 3m Product No. AVEH 27 £8.99
Ozone Fluoro Hollow UK 18-20 Orange Ø3.00 3m Product No. AVEH 30 £8.99

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