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Mosella DS-60 Blue/Black EVA DRY-SAFE XL Trolley Bag 70l


The  NEW third generation of the Mosella DS-60 Blue/Black EVA DRY-SAFE XL Trolley Bag 70-litres 51cm x 36cm x 38cm

We’ve taken our ground-breaking existing Trolley Bag and upgraded it so that it is not only bigger, stronger and even more practical than ever before. It still features our strong and durable Extreme EVA walls and floor but we have redesigned the lid resulting in increased capacity, strength and practicality  – at the top of the bag.

The new deep recessed lid is made from rigid moulded EVA so that it won’t flop or flap around.  It can be opened quickly and dropped shut safe if the knowledge that it will fall into place and keep the elements out. The new ridged, lipped, zip mount and depth of the rigid lid and extra height of the bag leads to the increased capacity and form factor. NEW FEATURE FOR 2019 It now features a clear blue tinted zippered pocket that creates a new storage compartment using the entire lid space making it even more versatile than ever.

The increased capacity means you you can still fit in both Kompact System DS-10 and DS-20 sets as before but there is now room enough above for the new White EVA Bait System or the new White Kool Bagand one of the DS10 or  DS20 sets.

More EVA innovation from Mosella UK!

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