The new 2019 revision of the acclaimed DS 60 Trolley & Roller Bags are now available featuring the new lid pocket storage pocket!

The Trolley Bag still has the amazing capacity, is still built from the strongest EVA for extended lifespan and durability but we have enhanced the hard lid to have a deeper recess which has allowed us to design a lid pocket. This pocket is fully zippered and comes in a clear vinyl with blue tint so you can see easily what is inside the pocket. This revision makes great use if the lid space and takes the functionality of the Trolley Bag to a new level. The Roller bag is available individually or as part of the 14 piece DS 30 full EVA Kit.

We have also improved the 70 cm DS 61 Roller Bag which also benefits from the new deeper recessed lid and zippered lid pocket for increased storage. Of course the Roller Bag still takes two full sized 70 CM rollers as before with space to spare and you can neatly organise additional bank sticks, pole rests etc in the lid pocket. Neat and efficient protection and organisation. 

The Trolley Bag and the Roller Bag are both available now from your local Mosella UK stockist RRP £54.99 for the DS 60 Trolley Bag and £54.99 for the DS 61 Roller Bag.

Trade Enquiries: 01278 722 777

Introducing the NEW Mosella white EVA DRY-SAFE 7-piece Bait set


Introducing the NEW white DRY-SAFE EVA seven piece bait set includes:

1 x DS-81 White EVA 11.5l Storage Case with tinted lid 46x22x7
1 x DS-82 White EVA DRY-SAFE 4.5l Bait Bowl 29x22x7
1 x DS-83 White EVA DRY-SAFE 2.5l Bait Bowl 19x19x7
4 x DS-84 White EVA DRY-SAFE 1.0l Bait Bowl 14x10x7

This new white EVA set is designed with natural baits in mind. In this set you have the main storage case the DS-81 that contains the others for transport but can also be used to  protect the bowls from wet weather while fishing. You get the 4.5-litre DS-82 bait bowl, perfect for a main groundbait mix. The 2.5-litre DS-83 bait bowl is ideal for a secondary mix or dampened pellets. Then you can use the four DS-84 1-litre bowls to house your particles like maggots, dead or alive, chopped worms, casters etc. These can even be retained in the larger bowls to speed up loading of feeders.

Whats more the design fits with our ethos of space saving and maximising storage. It will fit into the new 70-litre Trolley Bag above two loaded DS- pouches.

The new White Extreme EVA
As with all our EVA products we have specified thick extreme EVA material to reduce the chance of tears, splits and increase longevity and strength. White EVA reflects heat and helps to keep bait fresher and cooler for longer.  Keeping live baits like maggots, casters and worms fresh can be tricky while fishing on warm days. The white EVA bowls and pouches are an aid in that they reflect the sun and heat away from their contents. So you know while you are fishing you can keep the baits in tip top condition on your side tray. The zipped tinted lid of the DS-81 can be used to shield the contents from rain.

Introducing the new Mosella DS-89 White EVA 26-litre DRY-SAFE KOOL BAG

Introducing the fantastic new Mosella DS-89 White EVA 26-litre DRY-SAFE KOOL BAG 46cm x 32cm x 18cm. RRP £32.99

This awesome new Kool Bag has been developed with an insulation layer sandwiched between two layers of our Extreme EVA rather than the more common silver lining typically used on most other cool bags. This extends to the walls, floor and lid of the bag and offers several advantages:

Traditional silver linings often rot especially around the stitching, they also begin to smell making it unpleasant to carry bait and refreshments in the same receptacle. Our new Kool Bag won’t rot and is easy to wipe clean meaning you can keep bait and refreshments in the same bag.

It is also capacious and will take a lot of bait including worm bags, traditional lidded maggot boxes as well as tinned baits, meat and corn etc.

The white colour has been selected because it reflects sun light thus keeping the contents cooler for longer which is so important for keeping live and natural baits fresh and in tip top condition. It has been been tested rigorously over the recent long hot summer long hot summer and performs admirably.

Constructions is durable and the rigid design means the bag won’t collapse and will protect the contents.

Two carrying handles make it easy to carry and manoeuvre, and it has been designed to perfectly fit into the top of the new 70 litre Trolley Bag.


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Introducing the NEW enhanced 70L Mosella EVA DRY-SAFE XL Trolley Bag

Introducing the NEW Mosella DS-60 Blue/Black EVA DRY-SAFE XL Trolley Bag 70-litres 51cm x 36cm x 38cm £49.99

We’ve taken our ground-breaking existing Trolley Bag and upgraded it so that it is bigger, stronger and even more practical than ever before. It still features our strong and durable Extreme EVA walls and floor but we have redesigned the lid resulting in increased capacity, strength and practicality – at the top of the bag.

The new lid is made from rigid moulded EVA so that it won’t flop or flap around. It can be opened quickly and dropped shut safe if the knowledge that it will fall into place and keep the elements out. The new ridged, lipped, zip mount and depth of the rigid lid and extra height of the bag leads to the increased capacity and form factor.

The increased capacity means you you can still fit in both Kompact System DS-10 and DS-20 sets as before but there is now room enough above for the new White EVA Bait System or the new White Kool Bagand one of the DS10 or DS20 sets.

More EVA innovation from Mosella UK!


Vince Brown makes it a Mosella 1-2 weekend.

WHAT a weekend for Mosella anglers with first Craig Edmunds winning the Parkdean Masters on Saturday then Vince Brown heads the Upper Tamar All Winners Final on Sunday.

Vince brought 37 lb 14 oz comprising 438 small roach and perch to the scales from peg 7 on the Cornwall bank.

Well done Vince!


Craig Edmunds Wins The Parkdean Masters

Parkdean Master 2018 Craig Edmunds

Parkdean Master 2018 Craig EdmundsWHAT a year Mosella backed bagger Craig Edmunds is having as he added the prestigious and lucrative Parkdean Masters title to his growing list of accolades.

The Bristol based ace known affectionately as Trigger, headed a class field in the grand final at White Acres Country Park to claim the £25,000 winners cheque.

This comes hot on the heels of him joining Daiwa Dorking and underlines the credentials that saw the South East club make their approach.

Well done Craig a class act for sure.



Mosella On Monday

OUR latest weekly news update.

MORE bagging action from the #MosellaMovement over the past week. Catch up with the detail in the posts below.

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Mosella On Monday

OUR weekly news round-up.

The #MosellaMovement continues to bag-up in this glorious summer and here are some reports from the social media accounts of the angler’s in action over the past week.

Are you part of the #MosellaMovement ? if you use Mosella gear don’t forget to tag us in your posts on Twitter, facebook, Instagram etc.

Mosella On Monday

OUR weekly news round-up.

CLOSE  but no cigar for Mosella’s Steve Ford in the Fishomania XXV final that took place at Hayfield Lakes at the weekend.

Steve was the early leader bagging three carp and continued his bagging form but it wasn’t quite enough for a big money cheque as he finished third behind eventual winner Pete Black and runner-up Andy Power.

The venue fished very well on what must have been the warmest Fish O final ever!

Mosella rods Steve Openshaw and Andy Dargue had mixed fortunes but lets not forget all the finalists got there be cause they are winners and all were capable of winning the final.