The new 2019 revision of the acclaimed DS 60 Trolley & Roller Bags are now available featuring the new lid pocket storage pocket!

The Trolley Bag still has the amazing capacity, is still built from the strongest EVA for extended lifespan and durability but we have enhanced the hard lid to have a deeper recess which has allowed us to design a lid pocket. This pocket is fully zippered and comes in a clear vinyl with blue tint so you can see easily what is inside the pocket. This revision makes great use if the lid space and takes the functionality of the Trolley Bag to a new level. The Roller bag is available individually or as part of the 14 piece DS 30 full EVA Kit.

We have also improved the 70 cm DS 61 Roller Bag which also benefits from the new deeper recessed lid and zippered lid pocket for increased storage. Of course the Roller Bag still takes two full sized 70 CM rollers as before with space to spare and you can neatly organise additional bank sticks, pole rests etc in the lid pocket. Neat and efficient protection and organisation. 

The Trolley Bag and the Roller Bag are both available now from your local Mosella UK stockist RRP £54.99 for the DS 60 Trolley Bag and £54.99 for the DS 61 Roller Bag.

Trade Enquiries: 01278 722 777

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