Introducing the new Mosella DS-89 White EVA 26-litre DRY-SAFE KOOL BAG

Introducing the fantastic new Mosella DS-89 White EVA 26-litre DRY-SAFE KOOL BAG 46cm x 32cm x 18cm. RRP £32.99

This awesome new Kool Bag has been developed with an insulation layer sandwiched between two layers of our Extreme EVA rather than the more common silver lining typically used on most other cool bags. This extends to the walls, floor and lid of the bag and offers several advantages:

Traditional silver linings often rot especially around the stitching, they also begin to smell making it unpleasant to carry bait and refreshments in the same receptacle. Our new Kool Bag won’t rot and is easy to wipe clean meaning you can keep bait and refreshments in the same bag.

It is also capacious and will take a lot of bait including worm bags, traditional lidded maggot boxes as well as tinned baits, meat and corn etc.

The white colour has been selected because it reflects sun light thus keeping the contents cooler for longer which is so important for keeping live and natural baits fresh and in tip top condition. It has been been tested rigorously over the recent long hot summer long hot summer and performs admirably.

Constructions is durable and the rigid design means the bag won’t collapse and will protect the contents.

Two carrying handles make it easy to carry and manoeuvre, and it has been designed to perfectly fit into the top of the new 70 litre Trolley Bag.


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