Mosella Match Carryall System


Mosella Match Carryall System
1 x Match Carryall 80 x 42 x 45cm
1 x Match Pole Roller/Acc Bag  59 x 20 x 21cm
1 x Match Insulated Cool Bag  59 x 20 x 21cm
1 x Catapult Bag 30 x 21 x 9cm
1 x Multi Bag & Plastic Box 30 x 21 x 9cm

Product No. 46451 100

Match Carryall Features:
The Match Carryall is constructed from the same strong heavy duty materials as the rest of the Prestige Collection and built to last.

The Match Carryall proves an extra 30 cm in overall length above the Kompact and has several zipped pockets including a large main compartment sized to perfectly accept a Match Accessory and Match Koolbag.

The Match Carryall has an additional zipped full length side comportment and two zipped end storage pockets. These end pockets are sized as a perfect match for the Catapult Bag and Multi Storage Bag.

In addition the Match Carryall also has a large open top keep net pocket along one side.

Comfortable padded carrying straps and handles feature with a choice of heavy duty mounting points.

Match Koolbag Features:
The Match Koolbag is lined with silver foil insulation material to help keep your bait in tip top condition.  It is capacious enough to carry several large bait boxes.

Match Accessory Bag Features:
The Match Accessory Bag features a padded lining and removable internal divider.

Catapult Bag Features:
The Catapult Bag is large enough to accommodate several match catapults as well as spare elastics and pouches in a separate zipped pocket inside the lid.

Multi Storage Bag Features:
The Multi Storage Bag features a perfectly fitting clear plastic tackle box with divers to organise small items of terminal tackle such as feeders, weights etc.


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